About Us
This page contains short little descriptions of the primary players in website creation and content addition. For now there is only me and I can be reached easily in the FriHost.com forums under the name IceCreamTruck or you may simply send email to icecreamtruck@space.frih.net.

To create an entertaining website for everyone to enjoy! There are no age limitations on this website, and it is intended to be viewed by children along side their parents, and it is meant to amuse both equally.

Content Rating:
Any child viewing the web without their parents and proper safety precautions in place is unadvisable, but this website is designed to not alert either the sound judgment of an adult who is over-seeing a child's web activities, nor will it contain information that would otherwise alert nanny software to foul language, content of an adult nature, or illegal content that would not be suitable for a younger viewing audience. This website as a whole should be viewed as having a movie rating of PG which means a parent should be the deciding factor as to the browsing practices of children on any part of Space.FRIH.net.

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